Gong Tong Yun Supply Chain Group

Gongtongyun is a Closed-Loop Supply Chain Management Platform for Bulk Commodities of Cedar Holdings Group

Gong Tong Yun Supply Chain Group

Gong Tong Yun Supply Chain Group under Cedar Holdings is one of the largest bulk commodity market makers in China and a leader in smart supply chain. Its products cover many varieties such as non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, coal, raw materials, petrochemicals, agricultural products, etc., and supply chain assets such as logistics, warehousing, terminals and so on to provide one-stop service of supply chain systems for thousands of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain.

Gongtongyun takes full advantage of the customer base, industry experience and professional level of bulk commodities, and builds a closed-loop supply chain platform for bulk commodities。 With “Internet + Internet of Things + Big Data” as driving force, and online e-commerce trading platform as the link, it provides in-depth service for all links in the vertical chain, builds a closed-loop solution of bulk commodities integrating upstream and downstream enterprises, warehousing, logistics, information and futures, and provides professional intelligent supply chain management services for enterprises。 It owns many leading subsidiaries and branches in the industry, such as a Copper Company。

Gongtongyun continues to expand its global business scale and is committed to becoming a reform leader in the global intelligent supply chain industry.

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