Gong Tong Yun Supply Chain Group

Leading Enterprises of Modern Supply Chain

Gong Tong Yun Supply Chain Group

Cedar Holding’s Gongtongyun Supply Chain Group is one of the leading enterprises in the bulk commodity industry in China. Gongtongyun is committed to leading the global commodity industry chain.

Gongtongyun provides comprehensive solutions such as resource exploitation and purchasing, commodity trading, industry-chain financial services, warehousing and logistics transportation, product distribution. With unique insights into the industry, the completed industrial chain and its global operation, while maintaining principles of flexibility, innovation, open and transparency, Cedar Holdings shoulders the responsibility to balancing the global commodity market system so as to support social progress and lay the foundation stone for China's industry.

Adhering to the principle of "customer first", Gongtongyun regards customer relationship as core assets。 That is how it has maintained a zero-default record for 17 years since its establishment。 Relying on the unique insights of the industry and deep accumulation, Gongtongyun succeeded to build the whole industrial chain of upstream mineral resources- logistics warehousing-industry chain service- production of commodity ancillary products- product distribution, covering non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, chemical industry, energy and other commodity products。 It provides centralized all-round service covering the whole industry chain by one-time docking with customers。 At the same time, by providing accurate and effective industry chain financial services, Gongtongyun can improve the overall efficiency of the industrial chain while reducing cost for customers。

Constructing global commodity industry chain and providing high quality and all-round industry chain services for ten thousand of enterprises stand out to be the persistent direction of Gongtongyun. At present, Gongtongyun has rich mineral resources worldwide, such as gold, copper, iron and coal. It has set up branches in Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, the UK, Germany, and Australia, with its business nodes spreading throughout Asia, Europe and Africa along the “Belt and Road”. It is constantly exploring the global layout, comprehensively enhancing the scale and channel advantages, resource allocation and comprehensive service in the international commodity market. That is how Gongtongyun grows together with global customers and achieves win-win development in a complex and changeable market.

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