Smart Technology Group

Constructing Smart City Service Industry Chain

Smart Technology Group

With its predecessor established in 2001, Cedar Smart Technology Group has grown to be one of the leading smart city services operators in China.

Cedar Smart Technology Group is devoted to new smart city construction. Based on smart community services platform in large scale, the enterprise is building professional service systems and brands in terms of commercial and residential properties, public services, schools and hospital. Technology, information and finance have been integrated to build an industrial chain of smart city services.

Today, Cedar Smart Technology Group serves up to 900 million m2 nationwide, with 120 million m2 for self-operated business and 700 million m2 for co-operated business. It has over 10 first grade property management companies, and many son brands in residential properties, schools and urban public services. It has also incubated many enterprises that majors in smart city technology applications such as Cedar Tech and Cedar Soldiering.

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