Constructing Smart City Service Industry Chain


Established in 2001, the predecessor of Cedar Smart Technology Group has become one of the leading Smart City service operators in China.

Cedar Smart Technology aims to assist the government building a new smart city. Based on the leading community smart service platform, it creates professional service systems and brands in fields such as commerce and housing, municipal engineering, schools and hospitals, and integrates Cedar Holdings’ service resources in technology, information and finance, etc., in order to establish a leading Smart City services industry chain.

At present, Cedar Smart Technology covers a service area of about 900 million square meters, of which more than 120 million square meters of self- operated business, more than 750 million square meters of alliance business. It also possesses more than 10 top property companies and a number of well-known sub-brands in the field of residence, school and urban public services, etc., and hatches many smart city technology application companies such as Songyun Technology and Songqi Intelligence.

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