Aspiring to Become the No.1 Brand of Chinese Cultural Tourism


Cedar Cultural Tourism Group is committed to reconstructing the new business of cultural tourism, and by upgrading its iterative service methods and consumer products, it aims at catering to the needs of customers for a better life as well as the consumption upgrading on traveling, eating, residing, purchasing and entertaining, etc.

At present, Cedar Cultural Tourism Group has comprehensively deployed domestic scarce scenic spots, simultaneously promoted the dual- service mode of tourism town and the global tourism, and met the tourists' needs with unique creativity, high-quality and one-stop service。 A well-equipped industrial chain layout has been formed through the Omni-channel marketing platform, professional operation team and standardized management system。 Its listed company, Sinor (002485), actively develops the business of cultural tourism as a new profit growth while maintaining the stable operation of its traditional business。

In the future, Cedar Cultural Tourism Group will rely on the rich tourism industry layout to further develop the urban tourism complex and diverse formats such as health-and-fitness regimen, culture, etc. Benefited from the mature financial service capability of industrial chain and rich comprehensive development experience of Cedar, an eco-industrial chain with multi-industry integration development will be created as the NO.1 brand of Chinese cultural tourism.

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