King Vision Group,the precursor of Cedar Holdings,was founded and started to thrive on pragmatic industrial development.

In 1997

Accelerated operations in the real estate industry,started the first phase of the construction of Jiangnan Residence,and introduced a new era of exclusive villa area to Guangzhou.

In 1998

Started involvement in metal,construction and other businesses;its two core industries began to take shape.

In 1999

The precursor of Cedar Smart Technology Group was established to actively serve residential communities.

In 2001

The precursor of Gongtongyun Supply Chain Group was established to accelerate the distribution of bulk commodity business.

In 2002

The cooper production capacity of Tai-I doubled,making it one of the largest manufacturers of enameled wire in China.

In 2005

Named "Top 100 Enterprises in Guangdong Province",generated revenues of more than RMB 3 billion yuan;established a leading position in the Pearl River Delta region in the field of bulk commodity trading;maintained a strong foothold as one of the top three producers of copper billet.

In 2007

Cedar Foundation was established to apply the principles of "trusted operation" and "giving back to the society",and to deliver the greatest social responsibility through creating industrial value.

In 2008

As the earliest adopter of a pricing trading model in the cooper rod market,Gongtongyun became the largest copper rod trader in South China.

In 2009

Qixiang Tengda,a company that maintains an equal emphasis on production and energy conservation and environmental protection,went public on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

In 2010

The group reported revenues of over RMB 20 billion yuan;Gongtongyun’s trade volume of copper rod and electrolytic cooper remain among the top three in South China.

In 2012

The Smart Technology Group reached out across the country as a leading community service brand.

In 2014

The methyl ethyl ketone production capacity of Qixiang Tengda topped the world for the first time. Since then,it has developed into a world leader in three other areas and becoming the pioneer in the business of comprehensive C4 utilization in China.

In 2015

Cedar Holdings ranked 16th among Chinese private enterprises and was named "No.1 Private Enterprise in Guangzhou",with the revenue reached RMB 157 billion yuan;Gongtongyun successfully transformed itself into a comprehensive service provider in bulk commodity industry chain,and established its leading edge as a leading domestic company in this field;the Cultural Tourism Group was established,and Dayan Romantic Village was open to the public.

In 2016

With revenues of RMB 221 billion yuan,Cedar Holdings ranked 15th among Chinese private enterprises and was named the "No.1 Private Enterprise in Guangzhou" for the second year in a row and became one of the most outstanding enterprises in the Guangdong-Hongkong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

In 2017

Cedar Holdings ranked 361th on the Fortune Global 500 List 2018;it was awarded "Outstanding Enterprise of Guangdong Province in Celebration of the 40th Anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening-Up".

In 2018

Cedar Holdings announced the new strategic objectives to maintain its focus on the core industries,and to hold Zhongjiang Trust. Looking forward, Cedar Holdings is committed to becoming the world’s leading integrated industrial group.

In 2019

About Cedar

About Cedar

Cedar Holdings was founded in 1997。 As one of the representative private enterprises, it is characterized with the fastest development during the process of China’s Reform and Opening-up。 As a private enterprise in Guangzhou, Cedar Holdings ranked 361st on the Fortune Global 500 Companies list with a revenue of RMB 221 billion yuan in 2018。 At present, to build up one of the world’s leading comprehensive industrial group, Cedar Holdings strives to accelerate its globalization plan by focusing on core industries。

Cedar Holdings is committed to industrial development for a flourishing China, value creation for a thriving society. Cedar Holdings has been in business for more than 20 years and is still thriving. Cedar Holdings has been paying attention to China's economy and adopting the strategic methodology of embracing the future with redefining industrial values. That is why this enterprise focuses on China's industrial transformation and consumption upgrading, makes every effort to promote supply-side structural reform to actively serve the national strategy.

As a comprehensive industrial group based on real industries, Cedar Holdings covers modules of the bulk commodity, new chemical materials, tourism culture and smart city services. It also has two A-share listed companies, Qixiang Tengda (002408) and Sinoer (002485). In terms of regional layout, Cedar Holdings takes Guangzhou as its national comprehensive headquarter, and launches business headquarters in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing. It has set up branches in Hong Kong, Singapore,, Switzerland, Germany, the UK, and Australia. That is how this enterprise fully connects with world-class talents, industries and resources.

Cedar Holdings embraces creating industrial value as the greatest social responsibility. With Cedar Foundation as the main body, Cedar Holdings devotes to serving the society by constructing a CSR system that complements our development. With "sustainable green future" as the core requirement, Cedar Holdings has been making contribution in precise poverty alleviation, "Belt and Road" initiative, army- civilian integration, green supply chain, cultural conservation, community care and education. By making joint efforts with partners and employees, Cedar Holdings has been creating a "community of love" and better green future.

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King Cheung: Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cedar Holdings Group

Founder of Cedar Holdings Group, Chairman of the Board of Directors, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Vice President of the Guangdong Provincial Chamber of Commerce, Vice Chairman of the Guangzhou Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Bachelor of Economics from Shenzhen University。

Mr. King Cheung founded Junhua Group in Guangzhou in 1997, and reorganized and consolidated his industry into the Cedar Holdings Group in 2015. Mr. King Cheung ranks the 18th in the 2018 New Fortune 500 Rich List, the 73rd in the 2017 Forbes China Rich List, and the 75th in the 2017 Hurun Report.

Mr。 King Cheung has been enthusiastic about public welfare and charity for many years。 In 2008, he founded the Cedar Public Welfare Foundation, making important contributions to the public welfare undertakings in the areas of targeted poverty alleviation, “Belt and Road” cultural construction, ecological environment management and education。

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Strategic Methodology

Cedar is a reconstructor of the industrial value. We firmly rooted in the industry, improve the efficiency of the industrial chain, focus on China's industrial transformation and consumption upgrades, and fully promoted supply-side structural reforms and actively serve the national strategy.

Contact Us

Headquarters: 62F, Guangzhou International Finance Center, No.5, Zhujiang Avenue West, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong.

Telephone: 020-38911638
For press interview please contact: 020-38194807
Media affairs: media@no-necks.com
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