The debut of Cedar Holdings in Summer Davos Forum

2018-10-16 11:03:53

The Summer Davos Forum 2018 was held on September 18 through 20, 2018 in Tianjin China. Also, the Guangzhou Night was conducted on September 19, and this is the fourth time that Guangzhou Night in Summer Davos.

Cedar Holdings, 500 Fortune company who first attended Summer Davos Forum hosted the Guangzhou Night。 The theme of Summer Davos Guangzhou Night is Active Guangzhou and Prosperous World。

Borge Brende the President of World Economic Forum, WenGuohui the mayor of Guangzhou, ZhangJin the chairmen of Cedar Holdings attended the Forum and delivered speech。

More than 500 business leaders, representatives of government, experts and social celebrities who participated the Summer Davos Forum were invited to the Guangzhou Night, discussed global business opportunities and the future of Guangzhou.

With the traditional dance Southern Country along with the famous music Blooming Flowers and Full Moon, the guests tasted the Guangzhou cuisine and experienced the Canton culture.

Meanwhile, the guests shared their opinions on how to set up a global competitive business model and a center of national innovation city, enhance the function of the international trade , and accelerate development of Guangzhou, .

As a result, the guests knew more about Guangzhou。Most of guests highly appreciated the Guangzhou Night organized by Cedar Culture & Tourism Group。

“Guangzhou is a city with thousands of years history, it’s open, prospective,comprehensive and innovative. With the nutrition of the spirit of the city,Cedar Holdings has developed and grown into 500 Fortune company .”Mr. Zhang ,the chairmen of Cedar Holdings said.

He also said ,”In recent years, with the highly quality economy development and excellent business environment, Guangzhou is becoming more and more competitive.”

Editor: Will

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